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Southern Enterprise School of Arts, serving kids starting at age 5, offers a unique balance of rigorous academic and intensive instruction in the performing and fine arts.  Areas of artistic training ranging from drama, ballet, modern jazz, tap dancing, artistic flag dancing, and photography.


Mission Statement


The mission of Southern Enterprise School of Arts is to prepare kids and adults who have strong personal interest in the arts to successfully pursue higher learning and a profession in an ever-changing world.  We will help kids and adults discover and develop their unique skills and talents through an intense integrated arts program.


Vision Statement


Southern Enterprise School of Arts has a high-quality dance program for kids, teens, and adults starting at age 5.  Southern Enterprise intends to develop dancers by instilling character, integrity, discipline and professionalism through the arts.  We aim to develop the dancers artistically, and socially so that they leave the school as independent, cooperative, responsible and creative young adults with a lifelong interest in learning the arts.  We believe that these skills and qualities will prepare our students to pursue further educational goals and allow them to make their contribution to society.

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