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Beatrice Parker, Artistic Director

Beatrice Parker is the founder of Southern Enterprise School of Arts.  The organization is named after her family last name "Southern".  Beatrice started Southern Enterprise back in the early 80's when she called it "Southern Charm School". Beatrice's primary focus back then was modeling.  She taught children and adults modeling skills and performed throughout the Cleveland area. In 1991 the school changed its' name to Southern Enterprise School of Arts and was incorporated in 1992.

Beatrice has influenced the lives of many kids throughout the years and have taken them to places to perform such as New York (2009), Playhouse Square (2003), and the Gund Arena (now Quick Loans Arena), Beatrice has choreographed fashion shows for students at DePaul University in Chicago (2009).

Finally, Beatrice Graduated from Lakeland Community College May 9, 2015 and won the 2015 Distinguished Student Service Award in the largest graduating class ever at Lakeland. She made front cover of The News Herald.  Beatrice is married to Aaron Parker.  She is currently attending Cleveland State University and resides in Euclid, Ohio.

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