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Microsoft Word Basic (Coming Soon)




2 Weeks


About the Course

Lesson Objectives.

The student will understand and can accomplish these tasks at the end of the lesson:

●      Be able to Open new and existing documents.

●      Be able to copy and paste text.

●      Be able to use the Undo/Redo function.

●      Be able to format font by selecting font type, size and color and using bold, italic, underline and highlighter tools.

●      Be able to format paragraphs via alignment, bullets, numbering and line spacing.

●      Be able to manipulate document margins.

●      Be able to Save documents.

●      Be able to print documents.



Lesson Prep Work.

(30 min, at a minimum, prior to student arrival).

·       get in early to test for technology failure, because it will happen :-).

·       save Basics Example Letter.docx to the desktop on each computer.

·       print handouts.


Lesson Prerequisites.

●      The Computer Basics series or equivalent skills


Lesson Outline.

The lesson is completed in one 120 minute class session.

(5 min) Introduction.

●      Introduce instructor, students.

●      Let students know it’s okay to take phone calls but ask them to put their phone on vibrate and answer calls outside the classroom.

●      Inform students that they can sit back and watch if the class is too advanced.

●      Inform students they can go to the bathroom, they don’t need permission.

●      State/show order in which class will happen. Explain scope of class.

Your Instructor

Aaron Parker

Aaron Parker has worked closely with Microsoft technologies since 1986. Hehas spent over 21 years in the IT industry serving as an IT Desktop Support Analyst which Intels setting up Ricoh and HP printers across enterprise networks. He is experienced in troubleshooting Office Applications issues, and training personnel on Microsoft Office 365 Applications (ie. Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, MS Teams). He has work with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, and was responsible for governing all user accounts in the Cloud based environment. His vast knowledge over the years has enable him to gain the respect of his peers and supervisors. Aaron served a Project Coordinator for merger and acquisitions as it pertained to oversee fiber and Meraki wifi installations for 250,000 sqft area buildings across the United States. Aaron's work ethic and commitment to excellence brings great credit upon himself, those he work for and Southern Enterprise School of Arts.

Aaron Parker
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