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About Southern Enterprise


Our Story

Beatrice Parker founded Southern Enterprise Charm School in 1990, and incorporated under the name Southern Enterprise School of Arts in 1999.  The school was named “Southern” after her parents last name.  We believe that the success of our children and the strength of the community go hand in hand.  Our programs help parents instill core values such as character, integrity, discipline and professionalism into our young dancers and help prepare them for a diverse, highly technical society.


Our programming centers around Ballet, and Interpretive Dance.  We primarily use dance to accomplish teaching our children the core values mentioned above.  Current research shows that dance supports the attributes needed to thrive in 21st century culture.  Dance cultivates and disciplines the body and mind.  It serves to establish a common ground where people of different nationalities can come together. 


Today, many of our children spend a great deal of their time in front of the television or a variety of media devices.  Many are becoming socially isolated.  They have become unsure how to handle everyday life situations. Therefore, Southern Enterprise School of Arts uses the arts to instill Character, Integrity, and Discipline into the lives of each of our dancers.


Character - The moral qualities that are instilled in an individual to help them determine right from wrong. These foundational qualities eventually shape a person's way of thinking, and help them to become productive in society.  


Integrity – Through improving confidence, the children can start to gain a better sense of right and wrong leading to doing what is right when no one else is looking.


Discipline – The basis of dance is the memorization of different dance movement sequences. Also, they are required to learn choreography or movement sequences quickly.  Both require a great deal of concentration and discipline.

These attributes are at the cornerstone of our organization.  The development of these skills combined with instilling the core values will ultimately lead to the development of a well rounded, more confident dancer. 

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